Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had such a good weekend!  Adam was lucky and had Friday off from work so we even got to spend some extra time together.  It was a blast just hanging out and spending time with our families.  Friday night we spent the night at home which was fun for me cause I am usually home alone every night of the week.  Saturday we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It was a bit cold and not all of the tulips had bloomed yet but it was still so fun and so pretty!  After that we went to Adam's sister's house for their Easter party.  We played fun games and enjoyed hanging out.  Then on Sunday we spent the day at my mom's!  It was so fun watching the kids do their Easter Egg Hunt and play outside.  Anyways... Here's a picture overload from the fun weekend!

 Enjoy cause it is the only prego picture you will probably see...

Such a fun weekend! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Project

I decided I needed a project.  Adam works at night which leaves me home alone a lot to fend for myself.  I get bored sometimes and so I decided I needed a project.  So I dragged Adam to Wal-mart and we picked out fabric for about an eternity and finally walked out with some fun patters.  The green, yellow, blue, and frog fabrics are for a rag quilt.  Its not done yet but its slowly getting there.  I have ran out of motivation for a bit but it'll get there.  We also found some fabric that is the same pattern that is on both of our baby blankets!!!  My mom and I have been working on making a quilt with it.  It is almost done and I am most excited about it!!!

The fabric!

Adam had to help me cut up the fabric into squares.  It was too hard for me to sit on the floor for that long and very uncomfortable so I volunteered Adam to help :)  He's too good to me!

For someone who has never sewn anything in her whole life I think its looking pretty good!

One year!!!

Our 1st anniversary was on Saturday!  We made it a whole year!  I have learned so much about myself and about Adam over the past 12 months.  It has been so fun (and quite a challenge) getting to know each other better.  Adam is the best husband I could ever ask for.  He is so kind to me and has really shown me how to love someone and especially how to enjoy life to the fullest.  He is such a good example to me.  The past 7 months have been so overwhelming for me and I couldn't imagine taking these steps with anyone but him.  Love you Babe!!!

This is us on our wedding day.  April 16, 2010.

And here we are exactly a year later.  April 16, 2011

And for our anniversary we spoiled ourselves!  We had been talking for months about buying a new mattress.  Ours was so bad that I have been sleeping on two down comforters, both folded in half, one on top of the other, for months now.  I especially have been so uncomfortable and wake up with soar legs and back all through the night.  Anyways, we went out looking for a new dresser and I couldn't help but lay on some of the mattresses.  Well I found one I loved!  And then to make it even better I found the exact same one in a king size in the clearance!!!  It had a little dirt on it so it was discounted and it ended up being cheaper to buy the king size than the queen!!!  So after a while of my best convincing I finally talked him into it!!!  And we have both loved every minute of our huge bed!!!

 Happy Anniversary to us!!!