Monday, April 18, 2011

A Project

I decided I needed a project.  Adam works at night which leaves me home alone a lot to fend for myself.  I get bored sometimes and so I decided I needed a project.  So I dragged Adam to Wal-mart and we picked out fabric for about an eternity and finally walked out with some fun patters.  The green, yellow, blue, and frog fabrics are for a rag quilt.  Its not done yet but its slowly getting there.  I have ran out of motivation for a bit but it'll get there.  We also found some fabric that is the same pattern that is on both of our baby blankets!!!  My mom and I have been working on making a quilt with it.  It is almost done and I am most excited about it!!!

The fabric!

Adam had to help me cut up the fabric into squares.  It was too hard for me to sit on the floor for that long and very uncomfortable so I volunteered Adam to help :)  He's too good to me!

For someone who has never sewn anything in her whole life I think its looking pretty good!


  1. It looks awesome! I love that you're getting excited to quilt! The fabric you picked out is adorable :) That's one good husband you've got there! I don't think I could get Eddie to do that :) I cut mine out on a table or the counter tops in my kitchen- I agree, it's too hard to cut out on the floor! xoxoxo