Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to Church

Today was Jaxon's first day of church!  And my first day back to church since a couple of months ago.  We just went to sacrament but it was good to go.  Jax slept almost the whole time  The little boy that was in front of us had a gross, nasty looking eye so I was having anxiety about it the whole time and wouldn't let Adam lean forward when the little guy was turned around looking at us :)  I know... Probably a bit much.  But anyway... here's some pictures...

Not much else is new with us.  Adam is still studying hard for his series 24 test at work so he is gone from sun up til sun down and me and Jaxon are missing him.  Although since we don't see much of him and Adam misses out on seeing Jaxon during the day he has been awesome at feeding him at night.  Its their "special time together".  I really enjoy it too :)  I can't believe our little guy is six weeks old this week!  It has been going by so fast.  We spend our time just hanging out at home and at Grandma Sue Sue's house.  Oh and he has been smiling at us!  I wish I could get a picture of him but he's too quick.  Maybe some video some time.  Anyway, we are loving life and loving our little boy!

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