Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Healing Field

On September 11 we decided to drive up to Sandy and visit the Healing Field.  It was quite the experience to see all the flags and very humbling as we read the cards with the individual's names and stories on them.  So many people died that day in such a sad and horrifying way.  The feeling that I felt as we walked through the flags was that of peace.  To those who died that day my heart goes out to their families and to those who fight for our country's freedom today, THANK YOU!

There was a bag piper there playing and Jaxon hated it!  We had to cover his ears :)

There were over 3 thousand flags.  Each with a card tied to it with yellow yarn.  Each with a name of an individual who died on 9/11 and a little story about who they were.  We obviously couldn't read them all but of what we did, we were humbled.

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