Monday, April 2, 2012

Still here!

Yes we are still here.  I can't believe its been 2 whole months since I've posted anything.  Unfortunately our computer is broke so I can't post any pictures.  Which is really too bad cause we have one cute little boy on our hands!  Since my last post Jaxon is a very mobile little guy.  He learned to crawl at the end of February and learned to pull himself up to things shortly after that.  He walks along the couch and the tv stand and the bed and everything else!  And a couple weeks ago he got really good at climbing the stairs!  He says "mama" a lot and still says "baba" for daddy.  (he thinks an actual baba is called a shake shake shake :))  He still loves his Heber and plays really good with Houston.  And has recently discovered that he loves being outside!  He doesn't love the grass but he loves the dirt and rocks and sticks!  He is getting so big!  Last month he broke two teeth on the bottom!  They are so cute and mama is so glad that they finally came through!  Since they have, Jaxon is such a good sleeper (which daddy is most thankful for)!!!  I am so excited for this summer and all the fun we are going to have.  And as soon as we get a new computer I will be posting lots of pictures of our sweet boy!!!

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