Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Disaster

On Memorial Day we decided to take Jaxon swimming for the first time.  I was so excited as I packed up all our stuff and we loaded up the car.  Jaxon fell asleep on the way there so we stopped and got some lunch and ate in the car so he could get a good nap in.  We sat in the parking lot at the Legacy Center and waited for him to wake up.  After about 20 minutes of patiently waiting he finally woke up!  We fed him a bottle and headed inside.  I was so excited as we got him dressed and all ready to go!  Jaxon on the other hand looked concerned...

Daddy managed to take Jax out in the water.  As you can tell he isn't thrilled.

We found these swing things and he did sit in them for a minute.  But Adam had to pry him off of Mama.  

We walked out into the deeper water and Jaxon just cried and cried.  So we all finally got out.  He wouldn't move from this spot for about 10 minutes....

So we decided it was time to go home.

Poor kid.  As soon as we walked out the door his head popped up off my shoulder and he immediately got happy.  :)  But we tried.  And we are gonna keep trying cause this mama refuses to spend a whole summer being hot and pregnant without getting to cool off in the pool :)  Hopefully next time will go better!


  1. He'll get better. That's such a cute picture of the two of you. =)

  2. Awe cute little guy! I agree it will get better, the more you go the more comfortable he'll get. You should come to the splash pad with me, but it is hot i'm not gonna lie.