Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update: 14 Months

I can't really believe that Jaxon's birthday was 2 months ago.  He is such a good boy these days although he is learning to throw some pretty good tantrums.  I have been having so much fun watching him grow up.  Jaxon loves to be outside.  We sit on the front porch almost every night after dinner and he waves at every car that drives by and jabbers at all the kids when they go by.  He even loves to play in the sprinklers if I turn one on for him.  Lately he thinks he needs to eat everything with a fork.  He's a good eater as long as he's got his fork.  He laughs when he stabs something and brings it to his mouth.  Some of his favorite foods are waffles (eats one for breakfast every morning), hashbrowns from McDonalds :), pudding and yogurt, cheese, anything chocolate, ice cream cones, fries and bean burritos from Taco Amigo.  He is a pretty good sleeper.  Lately he doesn't like to go to bed in his bed he wants to be rocked to sleep.  Even though sometimes he fights that too.  When I can get him to go to sleep before Daddy gets home from work we are golden but if he doesn't then he gets all to excited and stays up way to late playing games with Adam.  He likes to stand at the top of the stairs and yell down to Daddy.  :)  He is becoming quite the talker.  He can say mama, daddy, up, uh-oh, hot and can sign more and please.  He is a very smart boy and catches on very quickly.  He has learned to run from mommy when I try to put him in the bath or change his bum or anything that requires him to sit still.  He loves loves loves books!!!  He could read books all day.  He is even really good at just looking at books by himself in his room.  He especially loves reading books with Daddy.  And loves to play games on Daddy's ipod.  He also has learned to tattle.  When he gets mad at one of us he run to the other one crying.  It quite dramatic but kinda funny.  I'm so sad that this time with him has gone by so fast but love watching him grow.  He is such a good boy and we love him so much!

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