Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 Months

Can't believe Jaxon is already 15 months old.  He is such a good boy!  He loves loves loves to be outside.  Playing at Grandma's house is one of his favorite activities.  When I tell him that we are going to Grandma's he gets so excited!  He still loves waving at everyone.  He even waves at the picture of Grandpa and Grandma that we have on the piano.  He loves to talk to Daddy on the phone.  And his newest obsession... Toy Story!!!  He will sit through the entire movie!  He loves all 3 of them.  Doesn't care which one it is as long as he gets to watch it.  I have a love/hate relationship with his watching tv.  I love that he will sit so good on my bed and watch a whole movie so that I can get things done around the house or just rest.  But I hate that he won't play with his toys as good as he used to cause all he wants to do is watch movies.  He also has discovered airplanes.  :)  Its really funny when he hears one outside and is surprisingly good at finding them in the sky.  I love this sweet little boy of mine.  I love that he gives me hugs when I ask for kisses.  And that he has been a mama's boy the last week or so.  I love that he understands what I say to him and how he nods his head when he is watching tv.  I love his sweet spirit! 

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.  Enjoy!

We bought Jax a Woody doll last weekend...

He loves him :)

 We went to the Living Planet Aquarium.

Jaxon had a blast!!!  He loved all the fishes and especially that we let him run around and look at whatever he wanted!

And he took everything out of the cupboard...  Do you know how hard it is to pick up the tupperware when you are 9 months pregnant?  Not Mommy's favorite activity.

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