Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things to get excited about...

Its finally March!!!  That makes me so happy!  I hate January.  It is such a depressing month.  But March brings warm weather and spring!  It also brings my birthday which means our annual family hot dog roast.  I look forward to it every year!

Something else to get excited about...

Oh these eggs are so so good!  My mom used to buy them and hide them from all us girls.  She got us all addicted!  This time of year is when we finally get our eggs again.

And finally... We are getting ready and excited for our little guy!  Only 15 more weeks!  Adam's wonderful family have been so sweet and given us a ton of stuff to get ready.  We still have a bit of organizing to do, as you can see, but we are in the process and couldn't have done it without them!  The crib and changing table were Raquel's and The Taylor's gave us a brand new crib mattress!  Adam's parents bought the swing for us for Christmas and the dresser we got from Nicole.  As you can see it is already loaded with a ton of super cute clothes and my favorite... SHOES!!!  We have been super spoiled and are so grateful for it!

I love this time of year!  Warm weather, good food, and lots to look forward too!


  1. You are so cute prego. I was noticing Sunday and your hubby is such a great home teacher. I love this post cus I couldn't agree with you more. I love those dang mini eggs! You have some great sister-in-laws by the way.

  2. I agree with you- March is a great month! It brings hope with it :) Your in-laws must be pretty excited about this baby! You are set for this little one to come! Can't wait to meet him! And have a happy birthday month xoxoxox