Sunday, January 1, 2012

Belly Up!!!

For a few months now we have been trying to get Jaxon to eat solid food.  As much as he loves to watch people eat we thought he would love to try out his own food.  But he was less than interested.  Until a couple weeks ago he finally found something worth eating... Sweet Potatoes!!!  I never thought that my baby would like sweet potatoes but he loves them.  And when he eats really good he even gets a cookie to suck on afterwards.  Meal time around our house is much different now.  I miss just regular bottle feedings.  Baby food is so messy!  I hate clean up!  And I'm not very patient to sit and feed him at his slow pace...  But we are learning together!  Love, love, love this baby boy!!!  Enjoy!

 Mama's Little Cookie Monster!!!

And then we tried peas...

As you can tell he does not like those one bit!!!

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