Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Boys

This kid is a nut!  I am baffled everyday by his silliness!  He is always finding new things to get into and finding new games to play.  He is a naughty little boy sometimes and very mischevious.  But I can't get enough of him!  Jaxon had a hard month of December.  It started out with the flu, then a cold, then another cold, then an ear infection which he is still trying to get over.  He is also cutting at least 3 teeth.  Poor kid.  But he was a trooper for Christmas and I'm excited for warmer weather and for him to get feeling better.  Jaxon is a mama's boy just like always.  He is also a bit addicted to watching his shows.  He loves Mickey Mouse, Tangled, all three Toy Story's, and I'm trying to get him into Rio cause we need something new to watch.  He is a very smart boy.  He loves playing with my kindle or daddy's ipod.  He has recently gotten better at playing with his toys.  He had been on strike from that :)  And he is the best at saying prayers!  He even bows his head and sits so still!  He still loves his babas and binkis and cowie.  And he refuses to go to bed at night.  Something that I am trying to change.  I love this kid!!!  He makes my days brighter!

Honestly the best 18 months of my life!!!!

Camren is growing growing growing!  My chunky 3 month old is already wearing 9 months clothes (he still fits in 6 months too, don't worry :))  He is a sweetheart and gives the best smiles.  And he is a little chatter box!  He doesn't like to be swaddled.  Mostly because he loves to suck on his hands.  He is a fenicky baby.  He has to be held just right to eat his bottles.  He likes to sit up and watch tv while enjoying his meal :)  And he fights sleep worse than Jaxon.  He gives a good fit when he gets tired and usually just has to cry till he is good and ready to give in.  He is stubborn just like his mama.  Both my boys are :)  And still refuses to sleep through the night.  I think Camren is going to be the patient one in the family like his daddy.  

Love this sweet little boy!  He has made our little family much more complete!

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