Monday, August 5, 2013

The End

I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately.  Everyday worrying that I need to take more pictures of my sweet boys and update my blog.  Blogging as really been a journal for me about my boys.  Things I want to always remember about them.  How great I think they are and the funny things they do.  Until it hit me the other day that I'm really the only one who thinks the silly things are so cute.  You know like when you tell someone a story about your son who steals your nose and eats it and the person hearing the story pauses and says, "oh, that's cute".  They don't really care.  But it is still so fun to tell those stories. 
To come right down to it, blogging is a time consumer.  I only get so much time a week with my sweet boys that isn't being consumed by meal time, bath time, nap time, or driving in the car.  There is so little playtime in this world.  I want to use every moment I possibly can being with my kids.  So instead of worrying about updating the blog I'm gonna update an actual journal.  And take lots of pictures just because.  Not because I need them for a blog but because I want to.  And besides, who needs a blog when we have Facebook?! :-)

One last update:  Jaxon turned 2 on June 8th.  I can't believe my sweet baby boy isn't a baby anymore.  He is so big and so stinking smart!  He has started forming sentences lately and I love his babbles when you know he's trying to tell you something but you can't quite understand.  And he knows his alphabet which I think is so awesome since he is only 2!  He is silly!  He is a teaser!  I love it when he jumps up on my bed and lays on my pillow and says, "No! My spot!" and lets out a big laugh!  Or when I get him ready to get in the tub and he takes off streaking down the hall!  Oh I love him!!!  He is a mama's boy through and through.  He is, for the most part, a happy boy.  And he is a good boy.  He is also a very passionate boy.  Which makes for some very good tantrums.  Jaxon still loves to watch his shows.  He has taken a recent liking to Barney.  I love snuggling in bed at night after baths and watching a movie.  I am going to miss this time in mine and Jaxon's lives so much.  He is my best friend most days.  Always there to help me clean the house or take care of baby.  Jaxon also gives the BEST hugs!  He hugs on one side, then a binki kiss (a kiss with his binki in his mouth.  Which my Dad really likes cause you don't get germs :) ) Then a hug on the other side.  So awesome!  He is a sweetheart to the core!  I could go on and on about the funny things he does everyday.

Camren is 10 months.  Holy cow the time has gone by way to fast.  I can't believe he is almost 1.  He has grown up too fast.  Cam is such a smiley chunk.  He is a big baby.  He has already grown out of clothes that Jaxon wore on his first birthday.  But I'm sure he will slim down once he starts moving around.  He doesn't crawl yet but I'm sure he will soon.  He likes to turn in circles on his bum and rolls like crazy.  For a fat little baby you would think he's an eater but he has just barely in the last month decided to like food.  So he is finally eating better during the day and finally sleeping better at night.  And he takes some great naps in the afternoons!  I love getting him out of bed in the morning or after a nap.  He gets so excited when he hears the door open and just laughs and wiggles around.  Then if I'm really lucky he will give me a hug.  But in truth this kid is a daddy's boy.  He loves his daddy and gets far to excited when daddy comes home from work.  I might be a bit jealous.  He is my sweet little baby boy and I can't get enough of him.  He like his brother likes to tease.  Only he teases Jaxon and tries to still his binki.  Sometimes this is a fun game but other times Jax gets really annoyed.  It is fun to watch them interact and makes me excited for when Camren can play more with his brother. 

All in all our life is great!  We are blessed to have great jobs to support our family with companies who work with our schedules so that we can both take care of our sweet boys with the help of family.  We are blessed to live close to family that are willing to help us watch the boys and we are so grateful to them.  We are loving life.  Enjoy!!!

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